what color will this Ameraucana be?

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  1. i ordered my chicks from Ideal, who doesn't sell their Ameraucanas by color variation. what you get is what you get. anyway, i have one that i originally thought was an extra buff Orpington until i noticed it was more white than yellow and had grayish legs. so far, this is a wonderful little chick, very beautiful, friendly, and inquisitive. i just have no idea what color it should be when it is grown. the feathers that are coming in now are basically the same color as it's down.
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    It's hard to say. Ideal sells EEs, not true Ameraucanas, so it could be anything. I started out with a chick that looked like this:


    Turned into this hen:

    Chicks that looked like this:

    Turned into this (the two on the left):
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    This is Mercedes. She is 6 months from Ideal and was yellow as a chick.

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    My yellow EE chick from Ideal turned into this:

    Ain't she pretty? Do you have pics of yours?

    And here she is with three other Ideal EE's as a baby. The other light-colored chick turned out white, and the chipmunk baby turned out a lot like the buff and gray one posted above mine. The dark one whose head you can see behind the others is pretty and red, like the first pic posted in reply to your question.
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    They aren't true Ameraucanas, they are mixes and there for they will most likely not be a true color. Sorry that's just the bummer with hatcheries. Don't be disheartened... mine are hatchery EEs and are wonderful birds. Nothing wrong with mixes in the production friendly area just not for shows.
  6. i think it's going to look like your's Jossanne, but i would be more than happy getting any of those colorings!

    potterwatch, those two in the bottom picture are GORGEOUS!

    thanks everyone!




    for some color comparison- the one i'm talking about is the one on the bottom. the other two are the Orpingtons.
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    It could also end up looking like this one, I see some white coming in there. Let me see if Shelleyd2008 has a pic of her as a baby to post on here for comparison
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  8. another beautiful bird! it's amazing that so many color variations can start as one fluffy yellow chick.
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    Sorry Shelley said she doesn't have any pics of Liberty til she is around 3 months...

    Yeah isn't it neat how these EEs can all be the same color as chicks and have such variations as adults?!
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  10. so EEs don't breed true for color do they? and they lay green eggs as well as blue? i was planning on getting some Marans in the spring so i could breed Olive Eggers, but will an EE/Marans cross actually produce reliable Olive Eggers?

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