what colors are these silkies?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by ma2babygurl13, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. ma2babygurl13

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    They were both from eggs marked Blue Silkie.
    here are a few pictures of the light colored one, it isn't white but it isn't as dark as the blues I have hatched before.


    Here is the "buff" colored one. One picture was taken w/o flash the other taken with. It is a buffish color but has a bluish tint to it. is it possible to get a buff from blue?

  2. asher

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    Hmmm...the first might be a super light splash? The second, I do not see blue. It definitely looks like a buff to me. I know that some people used to talk about breeding a blue roo to a buff hen that has some smut in it's feather to get clear offspring, but I do not know the in's and out's to that.
  3. verthandi

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    May 18, 2007
    Good chance the first two will turn splash. My splash chicks almost look lite yellow for the first week, but they have an odd dullness to the yellow. Once the feathers start growing through the down, they get lite blue and splotchy looking.

    It's very possible to get buff or other colors in the blue silkies for some reason. I just had a partridge hatch out of what I thought was two blue birds. When I looked very closely at the blue hen, she had a slight gold highlight on some of her neck feathers. Oddest clutch I have ever seen, 2 blues , 2 splash, one really dark blue or black and the little odd ball partridge. I have also had one hatch out of this pen that ended up being blue and partridge. (sure and heck not a recognized color..lol)

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