What colour are these keets?

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    May 12, 2009
    I have hatched 18 guinea fowl and I have no clue what colour they are. I thought I knew but I have been looking at photos and I can not find any that look like mine.
    Here are some pictures of them.

    All the photos are bad as they would not keep still.

    here is what I think is a lavender.


    and this is what we call the tigers. we have three so far.


    and this is a plain one.


    and the normal ones. normal meaning most of them are this colour.


    and this is the mamma and pappa. Mamma the lavender, pappa the pearl/pied/whatever he is. he also has white flecks on his chest.


    I have some photos of the three week old guineas but I will upload them tomorrow because they take half an hour per photo to load [​IMG]
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  2. Go to this web site and find out for yourself. It is interesting and fun:




    My guess:

    1 Lavender

    2 possibly a pie bald, but may be a regular pearl. You really need to look at the website though

    3 PIE BALD !! If these are you "regulars", then you have a very STRONG pie bald gene and this often happens.

    4 Has Pearl head colors, but pie bald patterns, still may be a regular pearl.

    Nice babies !!
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