What colour will my new clutch turn into?


7 Years
Feb 16, 2012
Darwin Australia

I've been selectively choosing some males to get some chicks to come out to a more desired colour and I got some grey/silver coloured ones hatch the other day which is completely new. I looked up for silver coloured chicks and haven't found a picture of one similar to the turnout like I've got. Any idea of what colour they will come out to be from personal experience? Will they stay that grey colour at all? About 50% turned out like this, the rest are a mix of the normal and yellow quail. The males are all a pale cream, with mixed hens from dark and light. Is this unusual? Because I think it's adorable. The name of what mutation the chick above is called would be appreciated too.

The above photo is of one of the hens, all the males are of her colour but without any spots. They arn't texas whites either, just a cream colour.

your quail is beautiful! I love this color, but I´ve never seen this color before. Maybe it´s a new mutation?

Here´s a pic of a silver chick:
So the silvers start out yellow? Just like the king quail silvers then. I'll have to put up some pictures of when they get older then, might be easier for people to tell what they are called then.
It´s not really yellow like the color of the white ones. It´s like dirty yellow.
For comparison a yellow one, which turns white:
Not much difference yet, but it looks like there are some black pin feathers appearing on the back and grey here and there. I'm guessing It might turn out like a grey quail? I hope the head stays a light colour like white or yellow though.

Oh, I thought he would have much more feathers already
This is him now, I think he is just going to come out a washed colour. There is another two like him with slight different colouring, mostly just slightly paler.

My newest clutch that hatched today has one interesting quail in amongst it as well, which I am guessing is a rosetta? It is bred with a cinnamon hen and a rosetta male (with recessive white through him). It is very dark with white "eyebrows" and a little white under it's chin. I'll get a photo of it when I can get around to it. It kind of looks like a little old man :D

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