What colour will they be?


Mar 4, 2018
Northampton, UK
and I know you cant tell gender at this age, but I'd be interested to hear any guesses and I can report back later.

2 silkies, pure bred, from 2 gold parents. One was a little darker than the other when they were born. The only reason I'm even querying it now is because of the pattern coming through on their wings and the fact they have a greyish brown tinge to them.


The two silkies not long after hatching


The one at the bottom of this picture is white silkie x lemon pekin. He/she is much smaller than the others despite being the same age.


And lastly one of my lemon pekins. They look fairly ordinary lemon pekins to me except for this one, which has the most feathery feet I have ever seen! My 12 week old pekins only have about that much floof! There is a chance this one isnt purebred. The breeder ran a few chickens together, which is how the silkie x pekin came about


This is only for fun as they are just much loved destined to backyard pets to me, but I find the way they change fascinating and I'd love to know what colours they will be eventually
So the cross will be a buff white colour and the 2 silkies will be grey? The bottom one is supposed to be a lemon pekin, can you get white from crossing 2 lemons?

I'm trying to learn about colour genetics but cant seem to find much information on it
Your pekin looks like the only pure bred to me. The others look crossed. Silkie feathers should be fluffy not hard and their skin should be black. Here is one of my pullets for comparison.

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