What colours will these Americauna chicks be?

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  1. jendodd79

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    Aug 20, 2012
    We have 14 Blue Wheaten Americauna chicks. Most are little yellow fluff balls, with a teeny splash of black here and there. I imagine that they will be a standand Blue Wheaten colouring.

    I'm interested in the others that are different! 2 are yellow with a chipmunk splash on the head and backs, one is a golden brown, and the other is brown. Any ideas?

    This one you can see the golden brown one in the middle and the one with chipmunking towards the front


    Another shot of the golden brown beside a yellow chick and a white chick


    There's the little brown one right in the middle with the chipmunk one to the left

    Thanks! I'm excited to see how they all differ as they get older!

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