What could cause a ROOSTER'S spurs to just fall off

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    So my neighbor has a rooster who's spurs just fall off. No chance of getting stuck in any wire or anything that would cause them to be ripped off. What could cause such a thing to happen?? Maybe poor keratin quality or a vitamin deficiency? Has anyone ever heard of this or had this happen before?? Thanks for any information!!
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    You usually twist them off with pliers, so I would imagine that the structure itself was weak. I did a quick search on internet and found one person who said it had happened to them...so it must not be impossible.

    Lol, it saved them the trouble of removing them.

    Here is a link- if you look at the "mouth" section they mention a rubbery beak. Maybe that is made of the same material as the spur? I am just guessing.
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