What could cause all my female ducks to stop laying?


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Northern Wisconsin
All haven't laid in egg for 4 weeks now! They were molting, but how long will it take them to start up again? The male isn't mating either. Is it the cold air coming in for winter that causes no eggs? And no mating?

I don't think there stressed... nothings changed from there routine!
My BEI's are molting now and they won't lay anymore eggs until next March or April.
yep both above post are right.
Most all ducks lay from Feb- Now. once they molt, they are usually done. In most cases the males will be sterile for a while during and after the molt.
So unless you have some of those utilty ducks bred for year round laying, well the season is just over. I havent gotten a duck egg here in 6 weeks personally.

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