What could this malformed egg mean??


8 Years
Apr 18, 2011
My 1yr old New Hampshire Red has always been a great layer.
This past week she has slowed down, only about 3 eggs total.
Tonight I witnessed her lay this.
Any ideas what could be happening.
I checked her, no signs of egg-bound. No other changes in habits.
I'm no chicken expert so I might go with someone else's opinion.

Some chickens have an "oops" egg every now and again. Something weird just happens when the egg is being made. If she has been laying fine, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If the problem persists I might but right now I wouldn't. Hope someone else with more insight can help.
I almost forgot
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I was hoping somebody would say that it doesn't really mean anything....I like the "oops" theory.
Thanks for the quick reply.
And,...thanks for the welcome.
ok well, perhaps I can satisfy that need. I don't think it means anything in particular. I've had my girls lay eggs very similar (long like that & everything) before and they went back to normal afterwards. if she seem otherwise ok I would say it's just a fluke

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