What did we hatch? Can you help? (Pics)


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
We hatched these in our second grade classroom from "mystery eggs" provided by a very nice extension agent who didn't know what kind of chickens they were from. Can you please help identify?

Hatched May 11

And now...




Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I don't even know if they are hens or roosters!
well one is a barred rock (the black and white one), kinda looks like a roo. I think the on in the 3rd pic is a delaware. and the brown one is a silkie mix?
More info on my "mystery chicks" that might be of some help...
The brown one hatched from a tiny white egg. The two white ones were from cream colored medium sized eggs and the black one was from a med. size light brown egg.
Thanks for the input so far!
The brown one does have five toes on ONE of its feet. Any idea what it could be a cross with?
What about a Brabanter/silkie mix for the brown one just going by the funny doo its got going on. I think its a cutie though!
Are those feathered feet on the brown one? You have yourself a designer chicken there!! Agree silkie mix on it, as the tophat looks silkie. I guess it could be Cochin/Polish...How cute!

I'm definitely going roo on the barred one- though I'm not sure if it's a Barred Rock or a Sex Link- looks like Rock.

Not sure about the others.

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