What did ya bake / cook today ??

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    I am kinda proud of myself today. I baked a Washington Apple cake with my own modifications and 2 loaves of bread, which are gone cause the wife and son realy like it. I also baked a ham and scalloped tators for dinner and made a dozen deviled eggs. I did this on top of getting in wood taking care of the chickens and goats, planting garden seeds to be started in the window garden and working on the neighbors truck plus spent too much time on BYC. If I could just get more dry weather I could do a lot more outside but with this rain I can't go out. I am scared I would get my candy a** wet and my leggs would fall off.

    ETA Not specifically about the Holiday which I understand some may and some may not observe. O and BTW I am male but enjoy cooking which is good since wife is not able to any more.
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    Apr 4, 2009
    I'm posting after the fact, of course. But we had a sort of homage to our feathered friends. I made southern style chicken and noodles (no veggies and cream base) with deviled eggs and asparagus. I wanted to do a little ham but couldn't find any that were smaller. We had a nice family day.
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    I made egg sandwiches. Had fun watching the GS hunt for eggs. Played with chickens and bunnies most of the day. It was a good day! [​IMG]

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