What did you do in the garden today?


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Apr 9, 2013
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From the state of mine, I'd guess they enjoy the cold more than the hot!
I’m sure they do! By the time they’re available here it’s already pushing too warm for them to have enough time to produce anything before they die. Maybe I should plant some now and get out a row cover 🤔


May 30, 2017
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We're just about over whatever it is that we had. DH got it, but is not running a fever. Matter of fact he's running below normal as usual. I'm still trying to shake the fatigue. Nearly fell asleep sitting up next to the toddler on the couch this morning. He was quiet and snuggly as he played a game. Too cute. I'll get out today and water at some point.

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Oct 8, 2018
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Good morning gardeners. Happy to hear you are both getting better @igorsMistress and @Elyrian1. I just had my third colonoscopy on Monday so I haven’t had time to post or even look at the garden. Busy getting caught up on things and of course, getting ready for Christmas. I did manage some garden work yesterday. I scraped 5 gallons of enriched dirt out of the big chicken run and scattered it on a couple of garden beds. I also scattered some oyster shell on the beds as well. I did clean up some more leaves before calling it quits for the day. On a side note, my computer is giving me grief. I’m blaming it on my MS-360 package, but it seems every time it updates my computer I either lose files and or my Wi-Fi. It makes for so much added stress. I really prefer spending my time pulling weeds than dealing with PITA software issues. Anyway, the weather has been unseasonably cold here. Below freezing every morning except today. We got some rain earlier this morning but now it’s just cloudy, damp and cold. I’m hoping to get a chance to blow the birds nests and other debris out of my gutters some time next week. And I still need to drag my potted lavender plants onto my front covered porch for the winter. Fortunately my indoor garden is doing well and begging for my attention. It’s on the list. Have a great day everyone.


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Mar 12, 2018
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Unseasonable warm to HOT here....heading for 76 today and very little wind. NOT complaining. (Our high should only be about 42)

Need to water the mums in hibernation in the workshop, and slap some water on the garlic bulbs, maybe toss a layer of straw on them too for next week.
I never water flower bulbs after planting. Just treating garlic the same. Fall and early winter are wet here though, so mother nature takes care of it I guess.

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