What disease is this? Need help SOS🥺

aseel lover

Mar 26, 2018
6 month pullet eye is swollen and she has a little discharge from nose her feathers are messed up what disease is this what should i do?


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Infectious Coryza normally has a foul odor from the nares. Does she have a foul odor? If she doesn’t, I think this may be 1 of 2 possibilities, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG, CRD) or Wet fowl pox. If it’s MG, the disease is incurable, but the symptoms can be treated with antibiotics. She’ll sadly forget life carry the MG bacteria and shed it in her feces, making any new birds you get sick if it as well. This disease is chronic and may resurface within times of stress for her. The MG bacteria can also spread into the embryo, making her offspring of newly hatched chicks sick with MG as well as carrier of it. If this is wet fowl pox, you’d have to let it run it’s course as there’s no treatments for it. Once recovered, she’ll be immune to that strain of fowl pox. I highly recommend and suggest that you get testing done before you give her ANY antibiotics. If you’re in the USA, calling your state university veterinarian can help you. You can also get testing done here also: https://www.zoologix.com/avian/index.htm or http://www.vetdna.com/

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