What disease was this?


May 18, 2021
(Not important information)
So quite awhile back I had this Plymouth Rock named David. He had a twin brother called Samson. They were about 4 months old. We got them fit and healthy.

(important information)
Then 2 months pass (they are now about maybe 6 months old) Samson is flourishing and looking fabulous and started to crow etc. Meanwhile, David has gone down hill. Looks the same as when we got him except a lot more week and pale.
Then in a few days he starts gasping. Then his comb/wattle day by day got purplish. 2 months later, I go out to collect eggs and he’s inside the coop as usual. Only this time he’s twitching like crazy so I pick him up and just hug him, as I know there’s nothing else I can do. Then yes he dies.
Please tell me, what was wrong with him? (His diet was seed, and I did give him medicine just can’t remember what it was.)


Apr 21, 2018
Wilmington, NC
An all seed diet is not really enough nutrition for adult birds. Why did you give "medicine"? What ailed him to give medicine?

Back to feed. If you've got hens, a layer feed is a good choice for them, but really doesn't address the rooster(s). If you've got roosters, an "all-flock" feed might be better with some additional calcium offered on the side for the hens. Here's an article that might explain it a little better:

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