What do 43 chicks look like comeing out of the coop? (video)

I got 2 batches from TSC and a couple other from random people. I put them in the coop the day I got them. With one heat lamp and 40* nights. I dont nor did I baby them. They arent old and have been free ranging for a week or so. I figured id loose several to hawks and lack of heat. Turns out they are all as healthy as can be and havent lost a one. I love watching them. They are so busy and have so much personality. I pulled in yesterday afternoon and found several family members sitting on my steps watching them. Ive been gone the last few days and had my brother taking care of them. He thought they were dumb chickens until he started messing with them. He called me at 8am the other day to let me know that they were chasing mosquitoes of course he also told me my rooster sounded sick lol (hes learning to crow((not my brother the rooster)))
I love it. Thanks for sharing. The last one looks like "where is everyone going"!

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