What do you feed your chickens to keep feed cost down

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    Apr 27, 2016
    What do you feed your chickens to keep feed cost down. Please list examples and photos if you have any.

    Second do you keep feed available at all times or do you ration out a certain amount each day ?

    I'm new to chickens and I am strating with 14 chicks and they are about 3 weeks old now, 2 Plymouth rocks, 3 barred rock,3 road island red, 1 buff O,2 silver laced Wyandotte,2 millie flure, and 1 Americana

    Thanks for any advice in advance
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    Dec 12, 2014
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    I have feed available for mine at all times though I free range and grow lettuce gardens for them to eat. I also feed them scratch and cracked corn/oatmeal as treats.
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    My chickens are free range. They get corn when we feel like giving it to them but they don't really need it (they think they do though, lol). I have gotten starter feed in the past for chicks but not for all. Our chickens also get all the scraps - veggies, leftovers that other animals don't eat, fruit, etc. They are very healthy and happy. Not everybody can free range their chickens or have enough for them to eat so they don't need to supplement, but if you can, that is great. Water of course is always out for them.
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    Chickens are Cows with 2 legs...if they have access they will graze all day in the yard.[​IMG]

    They will hunt and find all sorts of things in the yard, So I let my girls free-range around the yard.


    The garden will be a favorite area for the birds, all sorts of grubbies to found there. Once they figure that out, fence the garden, chickens love tomatoes just as much as we do.


    They have great eyesight and will look to be eating things that honestly, we don't see.

    I leave food out constantly for them to eat, free-choice, whenever the mood strikes them.

    If you want to reduce food costs, give your chickens access to grass.
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