What do you get if you cross a silkie with a light Sussex?

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10 Years
May 12, 2009
I recently had some hens from my bantam coop go broody, so I just let them sit on the eggs that were there, all bantam eggs. At hatching time out if six, five were black with the silkie combs and one was white with a single comb. At the time I thought it must have got the single comb from a great great great grandparent. And I though the white must have come from the father who is white, even though every chick he has fathered has been black even when the hens haven't been black. But about an hour ago I had a eureka moment and thought ( with horror ) that maybe my light Sussex rooster got interested in one of the silkie hens(all black) when I had all the chickens free ranging together. I really didn't think this would happen. For a few reasons, the two groups stay WAY apart, and the silkie boys are boss over the light Sussex rooster and chase him whenever he gets too close, which is usually about ten meters away.
I already know that( if this chick is a result of the light sussex rooster) having such a big rooster mount such a tiny hen is bad and I will never let the two groups free range together again, I've learnt my lesson.
But I'm just wondering what the chick will look like. So far it is just white silkie feathering. Will it get black around it's neck or on it's tail? Or will it just be completely white? Is it not even a cross, would it have the hard feathers if it was a cross?


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
You'll have a Suskie! I have several chicks that are a result of my Std Cochin Roo and Silkie hen. They are adorable. All have feathered legs and the silkie "tophat"

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