What do you get when you cross a Wheaten Ameraucana hen and a Blue Ameraucana rooster?

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Sep 4, 2019
West Coast, Washington State
Can you get splash chicks from a Wheaten Ameraucana hen and a Blue Ameraucana rooster? If not, what would the resulting chick be - a Wheaton Blue Ameraucana? I have what appears to be a splash-colored chick from this breeding, but someone on another group told me I was wrong for calling her a "Splash". Hatched 8-12-19, she was kind of yellowish with some gray splashes; now the yellow is turning a whitish color with splashes of gray on her body; she has the slate shanks, and the poofy cheeks. I didn't know how else to describe her color, other than Splash. Thanks! :)

Butterface, Splash, 002.jpg


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May 8, 2017
Eastern Connecticut
Not splash. Splash comes from crossing blue with white (I think?)... and then there's specifics to that (recessive white or extended white) that I don't know. You won't get a splash from wheaton/blue... I do know that.
What you have is an ameraucana of mixed color heritage.
For specifics, I'd talk to @The Moonshiner they're really good with genetics.

Also, Welcome to our crazy flock!! I hope you are able to get lots of good info here!

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