What do you think caused this?? She is now Pecking at herself.

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    She is new to us and we are pretty new to chickens....I thought that maybe it was from the Roo she used to live with as see seems to get along with all the other hens. I haven't seen any of them peck at her, but she is doing it to herself. I was thinking maybe it itches as it looks like it might be trying to heal. It doesn't look red or bad, but she will not leave it alone and I am afraid she is going to make it worse. Any ideas?? I also noticed her comb looks a bit purple at times....other times it looks red.

    Suggestions?? Thanks!! Danaa



  2. She may have dry pox.

    Fowl pox comes in two varieties: the wet pox and the dry pox. The wet pox is spread by inhalation and affects the upper respiratory tracts. The prognosis for this type of fowl pox is very poor. On the other hand, dry pox is characterized by the appearance of small whitish foci, which develop into wart-like nodules on the featherless parts of the chicken including the comb. The nodules eventually turn to scabs, which lead to final healing. This disease is usually transmitted by mosquitoes that spread the virus from infected birds to non-infected ones through feeding. The virus can be highly resistant in dry scabs and has been known to survive for months on contaminated premises. There is no treatment for fowl pox, although a general vaccination against it when the birds are 6 to 10 weeks old results in immunity against the disease.

    Read more: Chicken Comb Diseases | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6060252_chicken-comb-diseases.html#ixzz2JiYBko00
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    her skin does not look normal, maybe yeast, mites, foul pox. Look it up on here, you dust for mites, yeast I think you use an over the counter yeast cream. Can you give her a bath, maybe in some epsom salt, may sooth her itchy skin

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