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    Feb 9, 2012
    If you are getting ready to move, as we are, you need some very important information.

    1. Information.

    You need to plan where your pets will be sleeping in your new house, and where they
    will be on "Moving Day"; Will they stay with friends or family? Or will they be moved
    in before you move all the stuff in? (This can be stressful for them). The best way
    that I've heard of is to take all the stuff out of one room, then put them into it.
    Then, take them last when everybody will be home at the new house. This is the least
    stressful on them, and you as well.

    2. Ahead of Time Preparation.

    There are some things that you can do beforehand to ease your pets a little too.
    You can, if possible, take them to the new house when you take a few things. Also,
    when (if) you do that, take some things that have their smell on it. This will make
    them feel more at home there. Another thing to reduce stress is to try and keep their
    schedule the same. If it HAS TO BE different at the new place, try to slowly change
    before you move. (Try to keep it fairly the same, they have body clocks that hold
    one schedule.)

    3. Handle Different Pets in Different ways.

    Cats handle things differently than dogs do, so when you go to take your dog(s)
    home, simply place their beds in the back seat of your car.

    On the other hand...
    Cats should be placed in a box, with air holes, to be taken home because they have
    claws, and will use them when they get scared!
    you might also want to place some toys in the box if it is a fairly long drive. If
    you have more that one cat, I personally would put them in different boxes! (They
    are likely to fight when they feel stressed.)

    4. At the New Home.

    Once at home, try your best to keep your normal routine. I know it's hard, but it's
    best on you and your pets. Try to pay extra attention to the pets for a while till they
    feel at home. Try to set up their beds and toys right away when you arrive home with them.
    If they are outdoor dogs/cats, DO NOT let them out by themselves! They might run away!
    If somehow they do, check at your old house, they know where they came from! Remember,
    always have current tags on them.

    5. Settling in.

    Now, after you get everything in, it;s time for your (and their) first night! This will
    be kind of hard, you can do it! Stay strong, comfort them, but don't baby them. If they
    cry, go in and sit with them for no more than 15 min.s, then leave. If they still cry
    go in for no more than 10 min.s. Keep making it shorter till you don't come back in.
    I can almost guarantee that the first night will be tough.

    6. Going Outside.

    It can scary for them. Don't force them. Dogs will usually go right out.
    Sorry to say, but you had outdoor cats, you don't anymore! They will run away.

    7. Enjoy.

    Now that you have been in your home for a while, enjoy your home, pets, and
    family! Try slowly walking your pets and exploring the new places, this should be fun
    for you and your fuzzy family! Thank you for reading and making the journey with me!


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    I put my cats in cat carriers.Tossed a bit of catnip in there for them.When at the new place. I set up a room with their cat litter and food.They stayed in that room for a day or two before I let them wander the house. I also built a cat enclosure later, so they can have safe outdoor time without bothering anyone.You could walk them on a leash if they are used to that,

    Dogs get leashed into place in the car.In the new home there are baby gates put up to limit them.They are always on a leash outside the home,because they WILL run.

    I have beds for the dogs and cats.And boxes for the cats.They love to hide/play in those boxes!

    Good job on your essay.
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    Feb 9, 2012
    Thank you!
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    And I would keep the pets inside or in a very secure enclosed yard for the first month or longer, I adopted 2 adult cats about 1-2 years old and I had to keep them inside (no way to properly fence in the yard for cats or much else) for almost 2 years while they adjusted to me and their new home (I could tell they where not attaching themselves to me or my mom very fast) eventually one did run away 6 years after we got her and apparently held up in a neighbors barn and came home after they and their cat (plus the cats food) left, she brought home a friend before we could gain her trust to attempt to move back inside (and hence convince her yes she belonged here and it was her home) she got hit by a car and died, her friend got caught by a cyotee.

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