What do you think of this bantam cochin chick? New pics post #5


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Jul 11, 2008
Gila, New Mexico
I bought hatching eggs on here and ended up with only one chick, which I'm pretty sure is a pullet. YAY! She's 5 weeks old and has been slow to feather, but she's getting to be beautiful. I love her and she seems to be turning out pretty nice to my untrained eyes. She's much more fluffy and loose-feathered than my hatchery bantam cochins, and her foot feathering seems beautiful to me. She has NO tail feathers at all yet, which I hope is a good sign that her tail feathers won't be prominent and she'll have a nice cushion.

So bantam cochin people... how does my baby look so far? Her name is Trophy, as I'm planning for her to win the big prize at our little county fair this year.




And a hatchery bantam cochin for comparison...
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Pretty bird ! You are right looks to be a pullet at this age. Hard to tell the quality of a cochin though at this age it takes months like 7 or so until you will know for sure her quality. She has great foot feathering though !
Thanks! I don't want to wait 7 months to know if she'll be "wonderful" or not.
She'll only be 5 months at the fair, and hopefully by then she's enough better than everyone else's hatchery birds that the judge will notice her wonderfulness and give us the trophy and jacket. I'm coveting the jacket with the rooster embroidered on the back and the trophy that's as tall as my 8yo son!
If we don't win it this year, she'll just have to try again next year when she's grown up!

In the mean time, I'm working on getting more eggs from the same seller. I'm crazy about this little bird. She is SO sweet, calm and personable, and loves to hang out on my shoulder like she's a parrot. I'm considering re-naming her Polly...
Just had to post a couple new pictures. She's 9 weeks old now, and she's so fluffy! I can't believe how different she is than my hatchery babies. Got more eggs from the same seller (Little Ameraucana Mom) on day 4, and crossing my fingers for all the little eggies...




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