What do you think of this chicken coop plan?

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  1. aapuzzo

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    Jun 16, 2016
    Below is a link for a chicken coop design that I have been looking over building. I am interested in having at least 10 chickens and like this set of plans because it has links to all the parts and is well documented. I looks like the build will come to a little under $400 and I haven't found a premade that is this large and well made for anything in the price ballpark. I however have a few concerns regarding it.

    Would the nest box be big enough for 12 chickens like it says?
    I see they are using pressure treated wood. Is this safe? Should I replace this with regular pine except for the 4x4 posts?
    Do any of you see roosts for them to get up onto?
    Any other concerns?

    If you know a better set of plans or bigger with a well documented parts list and guide like this one I very open to it.

    I care so much about the parts list because extra runs to the store add up in the total cost. I hate eating up my building time with multi store runs.


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    Link goes to laundry room conversion no chicken coop
  3. aapuzzo

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    Jun 16, 2016
  4. aart

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    Not really big enough for 10 birds (let alone the 12 they suggest) tho it might depend on your management plans and climate.

    Funny they left the lower eaves open for ventilation when they used a molitor roof and that's where the ventilation should be.
    It's not too bad of a design with a few modifications, including an increase in size.
  5. aapuzzo

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    Jun 16, 2016
    It is a really cool looking coop. I'm thinking it would be easier to adjust the length because if I did the width it would effect the pitch of the roof or require it to be higher. However if I did the width and say doubled it I could put 4 nesting boxes in that side. Thoughts?

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