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    So I have been working on this for awhile now, and I did go ahead and put the silkies in it when their prison time for quarantine was up, and have since (past 2 days) added a nice window on top of the ventilation at the top of the coop under the roof. I will probably add another window on the other side as well to maximize coop air flow.

    Before window- full view though

    The window is hardware cloth, I was going to secure with the trimming on the outside, which i would have had to remove and then retack on (i did the cutting and trim/track early in the day while they were free ranging and then went to put hardware cloth on last evening when it cooled off) but at the time I decided to tack up the hardware cloth my drill was stolen [​IMG] for use somewhere else inside on another project, I need to get another drill since the 2nd one's motor died [​IMG]

    Anyway I couldn't find any small actual windows so using the scraps from paneling the add on washroom/tool room inside the house I thought of a way to fix a window I could use and still close up at night or when it rained. SO i used a thin piece of wood about 1/2 thick and maybe 2" wide and then a piece of moulding, glued them together so the moulding as a bit of lip maybe 1/2 inch above the piece of wood it was glued to. I then screwed them into the outside of the coop. This leaves a 1/2 gap between the outer wall and the lip of the moulding, and so I cut a piece of 15/32 plywood to the size of the window and I can slide that back and forth or totally remove it to allow ventilation. I am thinking about adding a small peg hole on each side of the slidding panel to be able to secure it when we're expecting thunderstorms so the panel doesn't slide out and fly off from wind.

    So what do you guys think? (BYC page of my steps to make it - but need to add the new pics and info)
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    My BYC page is up to date now! One more update and I'm done once I paint the end door for the run and paint that little piece of paneling - lol. Possibly again may add a 2nd window for added ventilation. [​IMG] And I'll add my coop to the contest [​IMG]

    Come on guys dont be shy!
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    Very cute! I like your little hoop run.

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