What do YOU think she is...cause IDK for sure


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
Pilot Mountain, NC

She's a hen that came in my "standard mix" day old pullets. No clue. The only one who has a comb...and she is REALLY irritated with me right now, because I keep going out to see if she's laid her egg yet, and she keeps jumping up and sqauwking at me. She's a white egg layer, by the way. I'm not going back to the nesting box till tonight...she's about to explode!

While I'm at it...
Do these look like Sex Links?


I think this one is 1/2 sex link what do you think?
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Mu guess is exchequer leghorn for the first one, but I could certainly be wrong. The second bird I would guess partridge rock, but again, I'm not sure. I don't have either of those breeds, so I am only guessing.
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Looking at the second bird again, it doesn't quite look like my rocks in body type, so maybe it's a dark cornish...?
I'm thinking the first one is an Ancona. They are black with white spots, lay white eggs and have large, flopped over combs.

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