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Jul 30, 2010
hi group,posted a note about age/free range.
i know this is an open question!!!
my yard is only 20x20.
it is SOOOO cramed with tropical plants,that i can "just"get into my own house.,really.there is NO SPACE
there is room under all this tropical growth!!,to wander.
my question is-as i am going to release/freerange,my babies[3 peacocks]
i am ,at the moment,taking them[well the only tame one],around the yard.
is this enough?
will thee birds need more room/space?
should i take this tame bird outside of the yard?
or,like has been suggested,do i just open the netting,and let them find out what is out there for them selves
Wow okay I didn't know your yard is only 20x20. Just my peafowl pen is 40x50!

You know I have no idea how they will do with only that much space, but it is good that you have a lot of plants for them, I am sure they will like that. With that much space I could see you just making a big pen if free-ranging them doesn't work or something. The smallest I have heard someone free-ranging peafowl on has been an acre, but I am not sure what the minimum is for peafowl until they wander...

Better see what others say...
yea, they wont stay on just that small of a space, even the 1 acre yards, they'll venture off of from time to time. If you have good neighbors, you'll be alright. But there's no way they stay confinded to just 400 sq feet, especially 3
hi,i knew they would need more space,and was thinking that they would roam the street where i live.
i may have worded the question wrongly!.
after release,will they stick around my "yard area",as this has been home for them?
roaming all over the nieghbourhood,but returning to feed,and just staying close,as they are so tame?
Yep they should stay near your house.
Luckily because peacocks are so beautiful neighbors are more likely to enjoy having them visit, but there are some people who just don't like peafowl.

If you find a neighbor that is not so sure about your birds, then tell them the facts. Peacocks only make the loud matting call durring the summer durring breeding season, but normally they are really quiet especially compared to a parrot.

Anyways normally you can just tell them some facts about peafowl that might make them relize how interesting they are and change their mind about all the negative things they have heard about peafowl.

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