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9 Years
Jan 5, 2011
One of my hens went broody yesterday. This is her second time wanting to sit. Since I do not have a rooster, the last time this happened, I got a half dozen fertile eggs and let her sit on them. She hatched 4 of the 6. She was a very good momma.

This time, just so happens that we have an incubator very full of eggs that are just starting to hatch. I took three of the eggs and gave them to her. She excepted them and gently tucked them under.

Did I screw up the eggs chances of hatching by moving them this late in the process? If they do hatch, will my hen think she is now some sort of Super Chicken that can hatch eggs in one day? Should be interesting. Everyone's thoughts would be very appreciated.

House full of chicks. Wife, three daughters, mother, niece and seems like a zillion chickens (with my luck - they are are girls too)
Interested in an update.
Since she has raised chicks before, her chances of accepting these chicks on such "short notice" may be improved. If she were a first time broody, I would be betting against success.
ok, sorry no pics yet. But nothing to take any pictures of. See what happens in the morning. I will let ya know.
Well, sorry that there have been no pics. The eggs didn't hatch. I am going to candle the eggs that she is sitting on to see if anything is viable. I know now that the eggs that I gave her are not going to hatch. But there were a few eggs in the nest when she went broody. Well, I guess she will not think that she is a Super Chicken after all. I will keep updating if anyone is interested.

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