What do you "waste" money on???

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    Last week DH was scornfully telling me about how his sister didn't want to spend $300 for a little plow to put on the front of her 4-wheeler to help clear her driveway. They spent about five grand on the 4-wheeler, take 3-4 vacations every year, have a BIG big screen television, etc., but don't want to fork out a few hundred for something that's actually useful.
    My friend and her family eat out several times a week. She hates to cook and loves food [​IMG] . She's admitted to me that they spend about $500 a month eating out [​IMG]
    DH and I are pretty frugal, haven't been on a vacation in years, don't even have cable/satellite TV, much less a big screen anything, and eat out once or twice a month. But we spend tons on our animals!! We agreed that we could probably afford to go on vacations if we didn't spend so much on our furred/feathered friends. But you know, they ARE our entertainment [​IMG]

    So we "waste" lots of money on our animals...What do you "waste" money on?

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    besides chickens.....
    I don't think its wasting it if you enjoy what you spend it on. I have a hard job (middle school teacher) I am thankful for it, but its emotionaly demanding and sometimes I need to spend that hard earned money on something that makes me happy instead of something I need..like a manicure, or a trip to bath and body works or...chickens [​IMG] . But I don't see that as wastful... I call it therapy
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    Feb 12, 2009
    Agreed....if you make good money and have a somewhat disposable income...why not spend it wherever you want? I can see where she is hesitant on buying that plow blade..that isn't fun at all, just more work. But I understand the other argument as well.

    my wife and I have 7 children, BUT we also have very good paying jobs and we go out to eat twice a week, and see that we take at least 2 vacations a year.

    We make sure our kids all have nice clothes to wear, and get rewarded for doing well in school. They all have college funds setup as well. We do have some extra nice things to, like a boat, camper, go karts and minibikes too. So I guess that is pretty much where our extra money goes.

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    Nov 26, 2008
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    I really don't think its wasteing, but it is gambling, mailed hatching eggs. but for me, if i get chicks from a breed I don't have thats rare, its worth it.
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    Mar 31, 2010
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    My DH was irritated when I came home from the feed store with 12 day old chicks (more chickens!) He walked around a while acting mad and when I didn't ask why (I already knew why) he stopped and said in a rather irritated voice, "How much did those chickens cost?" I replied, "A doller a piece, or 12 dollers total, how many game cameras do we own?" LOL He walked out of the room without answering. I think he (we) own around 6 that are working and several that don't. I guess they average around $200 each but I don't really care. It is what he enjoys and it doesn't put a hardship on our family. I waste money on chickens and he wastes money on game cameras and other hunting expenses. I think we are happier for it! Besides, he should have asked me how much the new coop cost! lol

    BTW I don't buy clothes or perfume, I don't get manicures or even very many haircuts. I don't drink or smoke and I don't go to concerts or out to movies. I enjoy my kids, my home and my chickens. That is my entertainment. Well, we do take the boys to the beach for a week each summer but I worry about my birds the whole time!
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    May 22, 2009
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    I can see spending money on something that will save you money, but in most cases, unless they spend a lot of their back work clearing the snow, it will just sit in the garage and thus be a bad investment.

    I spent over $700 dollars yesterday at the grocery, the dentist, and the vet. I told my husband that the only way to save money now is to do away with the Internet.
    He refuses.
    He says the ability to get the weather radar anytime he needs it is invaluable. We can't change the weather, so it is what it is, although we can keep the plants alive if it freezes.

    I don't know. I suppose the only thing we have left to give up is Internet. everything else is already gone.
    I would be interested in what people are cutting back on. I would love to find another $100 each month. It gets so down to the wire that we worry about the pennies each month.
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    Sep 7, 2009
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    I never waste money on my chooks...I waste my money on the mortgage, electric and other annoying little bills. [​IMG]

  8. Fancy Chickens.
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    What do I waste money on? Hmmmmmm, that depends on your point of view I suppose. I have a 27" monitor for my computer, I suppose that's really larger than necessary but I sure love not wearing my glasses when I'm on here. We have a big screen TV that I hardly ever watch, but it sure is nice to be able to see it across the room without glasses. Chickens....LOL, yep, I do spend $$ on my chickies, but I love them. And then there's the horses...$$$$ there too, and love them too. And I'm going to buy a new induction stove, that's probably more than I need to spend but I love to cook and my old cook top is down to 1 burner. So I think it's time there too. Internet, satellite, pets, child, husband....yep just bought him some new tools for fencing...LOL! I suppose pretty much everything we spend that's not on food, utilities and hair shirts is really a waste but it sure makes life a lot nicer. And yes, we do get down to the pennies pretty much every month but that's because i budget XXXX for bills and groceries and when that's gone it's gone and I won't dip into savings for more. We don't use credit cards, pay cash or don't spend, I squeeze eveery nickel til the buffalo gives back and then when the time comes that we do need something, I have it squirreled away somewhere. My husband calls it my 'mad money' and it's because when I get mad I want to go spend $$$$! [​IMG]
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    Quote:LOL...fancy chickens!!! Nuff said there...hehee.

    Oh, and I wasn't ragging on my SIL. My point was that everyone wastes money on something; it's just that people value different forms of entertainment. Im sure many people think I'm daffy that I spend so much on pets. Some love fixing up old cars or old tractors. Some love going out on the town. Some love nice clothes and SHOES. So it's interesting finding out what different people value. [​IMG]

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