What does feeding 'greens' mean (I have 2 baby turkeys)


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Hi, I am new to the poultry world. I have 2 baby turkeys (pets, not to eat..don't hold it against me). What does feeding greens mean? Should I pick some grass (they are still in a 100 gallon horse trough bedded with straw)..give them alfalfa (I have horses so I do have that on hand).. How long do I keep them under a lamp? Thank you!!!!
from New Mexico!

I don't know a thing about Turkeys so you might post these questions in the turkey section of the forums...


However "greens" refer to things like lettuces, grasses, leaves of green plants, cabbages, loose salad leaves, etc..Basically anything green and in the veggie family. LOL All poultry love the stuff. I am sure your turkeys would love some greens as a treat! Helps bond with them as well when they see you coming with a bowl full of goodies!

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