What does momma do if you take away the only one chick she had?


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Plant City, FL.
Only had one baby hatch out 4 days ago and a friend is interested n taking her...kinda makes me sad to take her from momma, but i know dh would feel better with the baby at another home...

i just dont have experience with what momma will do? pitch a fit for awhile?
Sorry for the silly Q
She will recover and will not "miss" it once it's gone. She may even try brooding another batch of eggs in a few weeks.

I suggest removing the chick at night, as there is less stress involved for you and the birds.
I would allow her to raise her only chick and then rehome the chick later, after the hen "weans" it. It's kinder to all involved.

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