What does "rehab" mean to you?

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  1. lengel

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    Apr 30, 2008
    I answered DH's phone today and assumed that the person calling was a friend or coworker so I said that he was in rehab.

    DH is recovering for a broken leg and knee cap. The person calling happened to be a job hunter.

    I'm wondering. What does rehab mean to you?
  2. CityChicker

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    Mar 21, 2009
    I think to most people, they probably think "drug rehab". That is what I think of when I hear "rehab" and I am a patient at a place with "rehab" in the name too. It kind of makes me uncomfortable to have to go into a place with that name, but I guess it is certainly not the only place (obviously) that uses the term for people recovering from injuries or some other ailment. If it comes up (or even if it doesn't), maybe your DH can bring it up in conversation so that they know it is for an injury. I don't think they should judge either way, but I don't think it would hurt to clarify.
  3. Iowa Roo Mom

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    Apr 30, 2009
    Keokuk County
    I work in a hospital and we refer to our "PRU" or Physical Rehabilitation Unit, as "rehab"- our Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation unit is known as "FRU" or Family Recovery Unit.

    So to me "rehab" is physical rehab, not related to chemical dependancy, though I would assume that is not the case for most people. [​IMG]

    Try using the term "physical therapy", it isn't quite as generic... [​IMG]
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  4. shelleyd2008

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    Sep 14, 2008
    Adair Co., KY
    Yes, if someone told me so-and-so were in rehab, I would immediately think it was drug or alcohol related.
  5. Kansaseq

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    Feb 12, 2009
    NE Kansas
    Ditto. I think drugs and alcohol.
  6. twentynine

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    Jun 14, 2009
    I think you should have said physical rehabilitation.

    REHAB---- drugs and drinking, amy winehouse. Real bad impression to give some one your husband may be doing business.
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  7. PineappleMama

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    Honestly I think drugs... via my family members ... not even alcohol, though mentally I know that happens too... again family members...

    But, then again, if you just said Therapy (not PHYSICAL therapy) then that would open another can of worms.

    Some people will always assume the worst. [​IMG]

    But the ones that actually know/work with your DH would know that he was injured/surgery/etc and would know that Physical Rehab was a part of it... people who don't know him, choose to assume, OR were referred to him ... not so much...
  8. MomtoSyd&Emma

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Southern VA
    Well I to think like most here that it was for drugs/alcohol or mental problems but after having both parents go to a rehab center (Dad had double knee replacement, Mom had a hip replacement) I now just assume that is what they would be there for! Escpecially if I know the person and know what kind of person that they are!
  9. gaited horse

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    Aug 14, 2008
    Fernley, NV
    I'm the odd one thinking wildlife rehab
  10. deb1

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    Jun 26, 2008
    Quote:So if someone told you that another person was in rehab then you would think that they were in a wildlife rehab? Just curious. That is unusual.

    I would think that they were in a drug or alcohol rehab. Maybe the OP lucked up though and the caller will return the call and get additional information. I think that next time, the Op should just say that someone is out unless she is asked for more information. That way no one can misinterpret anything.[​IMG]
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