What does this Jersey Giant chick want from me ???

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by JBarringerNC, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. JBarringerNC

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    I recently hatched out 4 chicks from a homemade incubator.
    We have 1 Jersey Giant chick, 1 Buff Cochin, 2 Blue Silkie chicks.

    The Jersey Giant is very tame, she's not at all scared of us where as the other 3 chicks are somewhat timid when
    we handle them.

    Today I put my hand in the Brooder box to replace the water and the Jersey jumped onto my arm and wouldn't get off..

    And now shes trying to fly out every time I show my face, like she's trying to get to me.. [​IMG] She either thinks I'm her Mama, or she hates me and wants to attack me!

    The other 3 chicks aren't acting like this what so ever, why is the Jersey so docile and is this normal of their breed ?
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    Was your JJ the first one to hatch? It may have imprinted on you and considers you the hen. Relax and enjoy it! You may try taking it out and letting it run around outside the brooder and see what it does. I really doubt that a chick that young is trying to attack.
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  4. JBarringerNC

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    She hatched 2nd, the COCHIN was the 1st one to pip and came out almost 15 hrs before the Jersey.
    The Cochin was like this before I pulled some caked up poop from his rear about a week ago.. Now he's very wary of my hand near him.

    I'm gonna try to get them all this tame, I figure they'll follow suit if they see i'm not harming the Jersey.

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