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    May 18, 2010
    At night time my month old bantam chicks go in side in a box. My youngest bantam Sugar is the runt and smaller than the other 2. Sometimes at night sugar tries to get under Honey the oldest ones wing and tries to sungle her, But the thing is she does not do that to Maple. I know you think its might be sutpid and say shes cold but she does it every night just to honey and are house is quite warm. [​IMG]

    This is sugar [​IMG]

    This is Honey [​IMG]

    This is Maple [​IMG]

    This is them all [​IMG]

    This is them when they were younger [​IMG]
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  2. I've always been under the impression that when a chicken 'digs it's way' underneath another chicken's wing it's a sign of submission. The one who burrows will show that they are the lesser, less dominant, and is trying to hide underneath the other one. If not, than it's just a sign of bonding between chickens. Getting as close as you can to another bird, by snuggling, is a way of showing the impotance of that social grouping.
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    I doubt she's cold. She probably just really likes the other one, and it makes her feel protected. Some of us are snugglers. Try and get a pic for us. I bet it's cute! [​IMG]
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    What little cuties you have [​IMG] Maple looks like it could be a boy ... maybe thats why or it could be that the other is just a snuggler and maple isn't. [​IMG] I have a d'uccle pullet (that was the one in a mixed group of pullets and cockerels all a couple weeks old) that all the others snuggled under. She looked like a little hen covering her brood. I guess she is just the nuturing type. She is about 8 months old now and looks after/ defends any of the younger girls. Could be that your Honey will be one like my Thelma. I hope so, she is a sweet and thoughtful little girl.
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    I think it is a sign of an imature bird and the runt is hinding under the wing of the bigger bird like it is the mom [​IMG] Just my guess!
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    May 18, 2010
    Thank you for the responses they are really nice, i will try to get a nice picture of them all sungled but it might not be sugar under honeys wing but this is a really cute one of sugar when she was young [​IMG]

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