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    May 24, 2015
    I have a slightly aggressive rooster and someone told me something I can do is hold him down until he stops resisting. I was just wondering when he does stop what does it mean?
  2. Ahh yes, the rooster walk of shame. one of the ways of dealing with an aggressive rooster is to catch him when he shows aggression, tuck him under your arm like a football for 10 minutes or so, carry him around, and then place him in a dominate down position with his chest against the ground in the same position a hen takes when a roo is covering her. If he struggles against you, repeat the football carry and the dominate down until he submits to you holding him down and then send him on his way.

    Does it work? Yes and no. I have used this method to deal with my own roosters when they showed aggression towards me. One, my Buff O roo, only had to be put in the down position once and he hasn't stepped out of line since. It worked until recently with the junior roosters in my flock. Now they are getting carried around regularly with the exception of one that has taken up biting me when I get him pinned down to the point that I can pick him up to shame him.

    So I guess it depends on the rooster and how long your patience can hold out with the aggressive bird. My patience is about done with my 'problem children'. I am really disappointed in the biter. He is a big beautiful Lavender Orpington that I had hopes of breeding with my hens. Now it looks like I'll be deciding on 'does he stay or does he go' in the near future. My poor feet are sore from these boys beating up on them when I go into the run at night to water and lock up.

    As often said here on BYC. There are too many good sweet roosters out there looking for a good home and some hens to fuss over to put up with an aggressive bird.
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