What does your light sussex look like?


i dont eat chicken!!!!
9 Years
Nov 2, 2010
Menifee CA
So i have 2 light sussex that i got from the feed store and they are about 4 months old and they are mostly brown with white tips on most feathers with a few pure white feathers at the end of there wings. I can update later with pics when i get home from work but i was wondering if anyone could show me what there light sussex look like at this age. thanks.
That would be a Speckled Sussex, not a Light Sussex.

Light Sussex are white with black in the neck, wing tips, and tail.

Speckled Sussex are a brick red type color with white tips and black blotches just before the white tip.
Ok thanks Illia and RAREROO, Thats lame cause i dont like the pattern of the speckled.
Stupid feed store.
Ya they look like light brahmas without the fuzzy feet. I like thems better, why do i have to have speckled. I hate this feed store, im not getting anymore chicks from them. This is the second time they have done this to me.
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