What Electric Fencing do you recommend(using against racoons)

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by nursemeh, May 6, 2009.

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    After much work on our coop & run this last week to make it as predator proof as possible, I have decided to go ahead and place electric fencing around the run as an added deterrent. I think it makes sense use it from the start- I want the racoons to be deterred from the very beginning to stay away from our chicks.

    I'm looking at these two:

    Havahart SS-750RPX AC-Powered Electric Fence Kit for Pets and Small Animals 1 Mile Range


    Fi-Shock SS-1000X AC Powered Heavy Duty Electric Fence Energizer 20 Mile Range


    I don't know anything about this sort of stuff.

  2. Go with a good, heavy duty, weatherproof charger. Do not fool around with anything "whimpy" as you will be dissipointed in the end.

    A good charger is going to cost you 50 or more.

    Do not get the solar or battery kind. They suck after awhile.

    Get decent heavy guage wire and get decent wire holds.

    You will in the end spend as much or more if you go with "cheap".

    You want this to HURT when a varmit touches the wire. BE absolute sure that you get it off the ground enough so your chickies can not reach the wire with their feet on the ground.

    I had a roo touch our horse pasture with his comb and he feel over unconcious. He is fine now, but pretty weary of the pasture.

    These things work by putting metal rods in the ground and the leads go to these ground leads and the wire. Anything that touches the wire and has it's feet on the ground will get a "charge".

    Be sure to get the pulsating charger, nothing else is worth a darn.

    You will know all thiere is to know by the time you install the thing.
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    I won't buy anything but Fi-Shock anymore.

    I disagree with rimshoes though, I had a pulse style charger and it SUCKED. It was a low-end model Zebra brand.

    I replaced it with a low-end model Fi-Shock that my uncle had laying around (I saw it for $12 on ebay!) it's continuous state and it WORKS.

    Anyway, of the ones you posted:

    The Fi-Shock one you posted says Output voltage 15 KV which is freakin awesome IMO. It's also solid-state, which I like. Mine outputs 9.5KV but it works for me.

    The Havaheart one says Output voltage: 800 V which is worthless. (That's less than 1 KV) That wouldn't even hold my dog in, and it's designed for dogs/pets. It's also intermittent, which I don't like.
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    Apr 16, 2009
    Conroe, Texas
    thanks for the replies!

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