What exactly is "egg height"?

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    I have been confounded by this for a while, so I thought I would ask. When people say to take temperature readings at "egg height", what do they mean? Does that mean at the very top of the egg, or the middle, or where?

    I have two Brinseas running (octagon advance EX and mini advance EX), and I plan to put eggs in probably the day after tomorrow, but I find that with my incubators, as good as they are, temperature does vary quite a lot with height. Say, down by the bottom it could read 98, and up at the very top it might read more like 100.5. I realise these temperatures are both technically within a safe range, but sometimes I am not sure what they are exactly incubating at (98 or 100.5?)

    Just to settle my worried mind, where should I take temperature readings?

    Many thanks! :)
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    Egg height is the top of the egg. [​IMG]

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