what foods to help hen with blood loss from cut comb. will put electrolytes in waters tomorrow..

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    Nov 23, 2013
    Noticed when I went out to clean poo tray one of my girls looked different I put on my glasses and saw black outlining her comb thru their fence...It was Silver my only egg layer for now. almost 2 yr old Barr Rocker
    It turned out to be dried blood. I held her and Hubby dabbed at her comb > I guess we should have left it alone... like Hubby suggested. maybe squeezed out a dab of Neosporin on it... I even got the blood stop out just in case.
    But Hubby didnt realize it and didnt bring it outside with him > I held her in my arms with my raincoat on... It was rather warm outside so we got in the shade...
    he had some pads and that antiseptic cleanser and water and collidal silver.
    He must have dabbed a little to hard. It started bleeding and wouldnt stop. He ran in and got the blood stop.... He had to apply pressure. She kept shaking her head blood running down into her mouth etc I took quite a while to get it to stop. Very scary blood all over place including me.. He mentioned cauterizing. But I said How.? didnt have time to run in and look it up on this forum.. she prob would have bled to death. He even wanted to sew her up. C duh no way would she held still for that....
    later Hubby looked around for what might have cut her comb ..a small pc was missing of her comb too... the back part point missing.
    I wanted to take her in basement to keep her safe from Roo and others. But she was so agitated. So left her go outside and kept her there. She hung around the fenced field.
    Later we left them out ( the rest of the group) and got her into the fenced field...
    stayed out there till they went in... Meantime I gave her feed and water and some chopped canned fish with "Life Lyte "partial tablet in it....
    ended up finding lots of blood drops and splatters in one of their their shelter toppers which they spend time in with their feed...
    Hubby thinks it was one of the treadle feeders... has sharp edge he said on it.... Im not sure... It could have been Roo or another Gal. Silver is a troublemaker But also a luv girl. Loves to be held and rocked too. or something out in the field or somwhere around the perimeter 1/2 acre field...
    so tonight I put some electrolyte in their water container in coop. So case she drinks before Hubby lets them out tomorrow morning.
    I dont know how we can keep Roo from jumping on her, her even in their big field
    So should I buy" Polyvisol with iron" to help with her blood loss., maybe add to something special just for HER
    .. plus the vitamins and electolytes in their water. Which I HAVE ... Even though it rains almost every day...
    I dont know how we can EVEN give her NutriDrench because they hunker down when we do so. They hate all forced syringes... I dont wanna disturb her clotted area... I have some "Poultry Spray with tea tree oil" for wounds Silver, she has lots of dried blood on her neck.... that spray was almost as expensive as "vetrycin "wound spray
    so what foods will help her heal
    also will put their feed in wide dishes for now instead of the wide jars we use now... So she wont bump her COMB...
    thanks all
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    Jan 30, 2015
    Africa - near the equator
    I would imagine that she will recover without any intervention, but there's no harm in giving vitamin supplements / electrolytes in drinking water.

    For future, I've read that using corn flour helps to stop bleeding.

    In your position, I would try and find out the cause of the comb damage. Roosters usually hold onto the neck / back of head feathers when mating and not the comb but close observation until you discover the cause may be a good idea (even if its only to discount other flock members).

    Good luck
  3. BantamLover21

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    Jul 24, 2013
    You can give her some extra vitamins if you want, but she should be okay. Chickens get their combs injured all the time, and while not all of them bleed as extensively as it sounds like your hen did, they still lose what seems like an alarming amount of blood and generally turn out fine.

    As for how her comb got injured, the feeder could be the culprit. However, I've seen plenty of chickens get injured due to intentional pecking by other hens or by overenthusiastic roosters that grab the comb, not the head/neck feathers, while breeding.
  4. ladyearth

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    Nov 23, 2013
    thanks but Hubby is convinced it was sliced off.... BUT RROO IS A COMB GRABBER...The extra vit prob wont be consumed cause its rained again this morning already. So much mud in front of gates, shelters, toppers, sun "solarium" etc... Plus all the paths around here.. The mulches washes down the hill. Two or three big loads have disappeared off the wide paths...I call it a hell hole for us esp....I keep losing my "stics" I walk around outside with.... LOL
    Thanks all
    Ps.. are yall having lots of rain too? prob North lots of snow... Enough nice temp to fool Mother Nature prob into Spring.... Prob Planet X's doings....

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