What gender are my 5 week old Silkies?

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  1. Hello,

    So my little batch of baby silkies are really growing up on me now! They are around 4 to 5 weeks old and im busting to find out what gender they are. I already have enough Roos so im hoping my four silkies are all girls.

    Any chance you could tell what gender they are? Or are they still to young?

    (They're are 4 silkies but they are tumbling all over each other!)

    ^Sorry the photos not very good, I took a photo of them while they were having they're Oat meal snack. (which I always give to them in a little plastic bowl instead of their regular feeding station)




    ^ Sorry only got close ups of two

    Oh and no, My silkies are not in their brooder any more. For 2 weeks they have been happily placed with their wallaby friend.
    These guys follow me around everywhere, I love them to pieces so im just hoping none are roos, for all my hens sake I really cannot keep any more roos until I get more hens.

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    Much too early to accurately sex silkies 4-5 mos. is better - the two do seem to have large combs for this early age.
  3. Alright- I did think that they where to early to tell. I guess i'll update them as they grow.

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