What gender are my 7-8 week old chicks

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Ashn, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Ashn

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    Nov 7, 2017
    Hi there,
    I need help knowing what gender my 7-8 week old chicks are... i have been trying to feather sex after watching youtube videos (American) I have been wrong here and there as all the chicks shown in these videos are fully feathered and said to be 3 weeks old. I'm in Australia, is there a difference?

    I have had these chooks since 1 week old, they all came from the same feed store on the same day from what I was told is the batch of different purebreds. They are around 7-8 weeks old now. I want these beauties to be pullets so i can keep them in the suburbs as I can't have Roos, I will upload photos of these purebreds some of which are still feathering

    1st is a Rhode Island Red, she has a beautiful face and praying can keep her
    2nd is a Purebred Gold laced Wyandotte
    3rd is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, this is the littlest one and only just started to get first feathers at 5 weeks. It had a rough start, but I was able to get it back to health. photos are bad quality she won't stay still the little cutie

    and I'm 100% sure blue leghorn to the left is a rooster, it grew the fastest and likes to perch high
    but again just in case I'm wrong I will show

    thank you for help that can be provided
  2. Chickies101

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    Oct 21, 2017
    Sow feather growth could mean male in some breeds but I'm no expert
  3. Chickies101

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    Oct 21, 2017
  4. Crazy for Chickens!

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    Jun 9, 2017
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    First, I don't think those chicks are 7-8 weeks old. Maybe five or six. It's hard to tell when you get them from a feed store, as some are older than others.
    1. Looks like a pullet, but it's looking more like a Red Sex Link than a RIR. Too much white.
    2. Not quite sure, but leaning towards cockerel. It would be nice to get pictures of them again in a couple weeks. Could probably tell for sure then.
    3. This one looks too young. It's probably the youngest of me all. Maybe four weeks, judging on how much baby fluff it still has.
    4. I'm glad you posted a picture, because it actually looks like a pullet! This one, I would guess to be your 7-8 week old. See how it is all feathered in, and bigger than everyone else?
    I would post some more pictures of the top three in a couple weeks. Should be able to tell for sure then.
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