What gender are these EE's?


5 Years
Jul 27, 2016
Hello all! Hoping to get some opinions on the 11 week/2.5 month old chickens we hatched this past May. :) They came from a "barnyard mix" from an Ameraucana or EE roo with a mix of barred rock/orpington/EE/naked neck hens. Feel free to point out their proper colours too. Thanks!

1. Black and white barred rooster?

2. Light blue puffy cheeks

3. Black with white lace front

4. Black with brown lace front

5. Blue with brown front

6. Black with white tipped wings

7. Naked neck

8. Darker blue

#1 definitely cockerel, also brown egg genes. Wouldn't keep this cockerel if you intend to breed to sustain your flock, unless you LOVE bars and brown eggs.
#2 leaning towards cockerel, I'd say 80% sure hard to see wing shape for final confirmation. Pea combed, so blue egg gene.
#3 and #4 blue or green egg pullets, sure of it.
#5 brown egg pullet, sure of it.
#6 and #7 (both comb shots difficult to see, but I believe I'm seeing single combs, both pullets, both brown eggs (unless those are pointy pea combs.
#8 blue egg pullet.
They're all very pretty, and you'll have lovely assorted egg colors.

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