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    Hey guys, I got four chickens yesterday at this somewhat sketchy place, but anyway, the man we bought them from told us they were pullets, which is what we wanted. We were expecting them to be much older so we would KNOW that they were girls, but they're way younger than we expected.
    Could you tell me what gender you think these babies are?
    1: Sapphire Gem, (Female?)
    IMG_1814.jpg IMG_1815.jpg
    2. Light Brahma, (Male?)
    IMG_1812.jpg IMG_1817.jpg
    3. Sapphire Gem, (Female?)
    IMG_1823.jpg IMG_1825.jpg IMG_1826.jpg
    Those are what I think they are but I'm not positive. Let me know what you think!
    Thank you so much!
    Also he told us that they were seven weeks old but I think the brahma might be younger. I'm not sure, but he doesn't even have all his feathers in yet.
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    So far, nothing screaming cockerel as of yet. :) We'll know for sure in another few weeks!

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