What gender do I have?

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    Sep 28, 2010
    OK, so I have 8 chickens. Didn't get good pictures of all of them though. I have:
    3 straight run brown leghorns
    3 straight run ameraucanas
    1 australorp hen
    1 buff orpington hen

    I had a kid who was in FFA sex them when they were a few days old and he said there were two females and one male in each of the three straight runs. However, I'm rather doubting that at the moment. I can't tell with the Ameraucanas, but it seems like two of the brown leghorns are getting big wattles and one isn't. (I only got a picture of one of the big-wattled leghorns, but they're nearly identical.)

    They weren't really in a posing mood, so I had to hold them to get a picture. Hope that doesn't mess anything up. They are about 6 weeks old.


    Aquila, who was supposed to be a male brown leghorn.

    Sookie, who is supposed to be a female brown leghorn.

    Freda, supposedly female Ameraucana

    Ilsa, supposedly female Ameraucana

    Boaz, supposedly male Ameraucana

    Georgiana, female (per the feed store) buff orpington
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    Jan 12, 2012
    #1 pullet, #2 cockerel, #3 pullet, #4 Maybe another pullet, #5 possibly a cockerel, #6 pullet. [​IMG] Hope this helped some.
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