What Gender is this Black Australorp? (3 Months Old)

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    Three months ago, my boyfriend gave me three baby chicks for our five-year anniversary. I was overjoyed, of course!! One Easter Egger, one Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, and one Black Australorp. They became Mrs. Hudson, Mora, and Kylo Hen, respectively. We integrated them with the flock of five we already have, and mixing the different age groups has been rocky, but the littles have been doing better as they grow.

    Recently, I have been noticing some subtle changes in Kylo's behavior and was wondering if that could be a sign that Kylo Hen is not a hen at all.

    Kylo is much more daring than the other chicks. Even Mora, who came into the pen at the head of the mini-flock, runs at the sight of an aggressive pullet while Kylo will simply duck around and continue what she was doing. What's more, when the girls are in the yard, I have seen Kylo jumping and hopping atop her sisters in a show of dominance when she had never acted that way when younger.

    She has even driven the dog out of the coop! That cracks me up the most. We have two Jack Russells (one of which is NOT interested in eating chickens and is allowed outside with them), and the dog was sniffing up to where the coop was when Kylo charged her out. Not even the head of the pecking order does that.

    Kylo will be right out there with the 6 month old pullets when treats are being thrown while her sisters hang back. I swear this one struts like none of the others I've seen. Is this a roo-in-training, or just a brave little bird?


    A view of Kylo's comb. (Naughty critter was bribed with scratch throughout the whooole photoshoot.)


    Saddle feathers.


    Shoulder chicken.

    Apologies for the sideways bird! Just crane your neck!


    Another sideways one. Kylo has a very nice tail. <3
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    I'm Googling right now actually! Thanks for the helpful link! :)
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    I'm thinking pullet, but not sure.
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