What gender is this Embden gosling?

Apr 2, 2021
Hey, I’m not exactly new here, was active on here from 2013-2015 but I forgot my login since I haven’t had poultry in a few years. I just got back into it and got two Rouen ducklings and an Embden gosling. Ducklings are about two and a half weeks old and the gosling about 4 days.

This gosling was the last one in stock, so I was only able to get one and have nothing to compare its colors too. I read that generally the males are lighter and the females are darker grey. I tried vent sexing but I’m not good at doing that, so no penis popped out which is why I think it could be either a male or female. I’ve attached some pictures (flash and no flash) and comparing to pics online, it looks like either a dark male or a light female I’m not sure haha.

I would like to know so that when I can find a second gosling in stock, I can get one of the opposite gender, so they can hopefully get along and not attack my ducks when they are older. Thanks for any help!


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