What gender is this speckled sussex?


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Aug 10, 2019
I purchased these chicks about a month ago and they were 90% sure the chicks were female. Fast forward a month later and this chick is starting to look like a male. I have attached pictures of the growing comb and also what looks to be spears. I live in the city and I am not allowed to have roosters. So, is my friend going to grown into a rooster or a hen? And if rooster, what do I do with this chicken?
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Does it matter if they are the same breed?

If all of your chicks are the same age, the breed isn't super important. It'd be harder to compare if they all had different comb types, but I'm going to assume you have at least one other with a single comb. A few more weeks should definitely tell! That is a big comb for its age, and if it is a cockerel, it should start turning red soon.

If it turns out to be a cockerel, I can help you find rescues in your area (if they exist), if you wanna take that route. I think it's always worth a shot to try and find the rooster a home, especially since it's getting more popular for some chicken keepers to seek out roosters from animal rescues. I've rehomed a cockerel through Craigslist before, and he went to a good home.

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