WHAT GENDER-New Photos- I have to make a decision


6 Years
Jul 28, 2013
A few weeks ago I posted photos of my Chicken. The consensus was she was a pullet.

I found her the first week of July so have had her two months.

A few days after I posted my pictures here she started greeting the morning with some half hearted crowing...."errr errr err"
Sporadic at first, now its an every day thing when she hears me get up or hears my dogs up in the morning.
(She is in the house in a dog crate at night as we had not yet build our Chicken condo for her)

The new feathers on her neck combined with the greeting of the morning makes me think she is a he.

This is a problem for although I live on a large piece of property, civilization has grown up around me and a rooster is going to be frowned upon.

I absolutely adore this chicken. It loves to lay on my lap and cuddle.

I need you folks to tell me if you think she is a he. You will see the neck feathers and also note that there is a lot of brown feathers coming in and other colors.

If its a boy I have a home lined up for him where he will have his own hens. This is a legitimate home through a very good friend of mine who swears that this person is an animal lover and nothing bad will happen to Chicken.

I hate the thought of parting with Chicken so the decision to rehome is very hard.

Here are photos taken today

I am very,very sorry but I think this is a roo.
Sorry but looks like you have a late blooming Roo. I've never heard of a hen crowing and that is quite a comb! It sucks you have a nice bird and can't keep it! Good luck
I am heartbroken over this.

I had read elsewhere that Hens can indeed making crowing sounds. I was convinced that was what was going on with Chicken.
It was the appearance of those neck feathers the last few weeks that made me believe she was a he.

Had a veritable city not grown up around the land we have owned for 40 years this would not be an issue.

Are you guys absolutely sure? I have arrangements to take Chicken to their new home on Saturday.
My hen crows. I believe she is copying one down the road. I've seen her do it and also seen her laying. :)

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