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Aug 30, 2013
ok so at 4 weeks old they started to show more signs of colour and size. Their characteristics are extremely different chicken#2 is a lot more quiet and is the only one that our 2 older RIR hens like for some reason they peck the other 2 which I think are roos, whereas with chick#2 they let it eat and scratch with them. Chick#2 is smaller than chick#3 (quite a bit) and very timid were as the other two spar a bit when I put them out for a run, chick#2 comb is smaller and slightly different colour although there tail feathers are similar, but im not sure if that is anything to worry about at just 4 weeks. I've also read that hens feather a lot smoother than roos and both my australorps feathered out smooth unlike the other sex liked roo chick#1 I have. We are stumped!! Any comments would help a lot i've read almost every forum and am still baffled. These are our first australorps so I don't know what to look out for.



At four weeks they all have more comb and wattle and pink color than I like to see, so am voting all three boys unfortunately.
1 is a boy, 2 and 3 give more time. My girls were pretty pink at that age, and are beautiful hens.

This is a better pic of chick#3
I'm still seeing roo on #3, it just has more comb and wattle than I like to see at that age, could just be a quick developing pullet, but I'd be prepared for a boy.

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