What genetics contribute to egg size?

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    I've been pondering something the past few days. Last summer I bought some project ee bantam hatching eggs off a fellow and hatched them out. Now he was trying to get a new bantam ameraucana color going and so was crossing LF with bantam ams and breeding back and so on and so forth. Now I hatched out several and all but one were just slightly bigger than the average banty.

    The one grew to be taller if leaner than my pure LF ams. He also happened to be pure white so I held on to him when I had to downsize my flock this month.

    Now I'm thinking about crossing him with my white leg horn to make some SBELs. The only thing holding me back is I'm not too sure on how the egg size of the offspring is determined.

    Since he was hatched from a banty egg does that mean his offspring will more likely lay much smaller eggs than the jumbo I get from the leghorn? I'm wanting to make a large blue egg layer but I'm worried the muddled genetics from the roo will give me LF that lay a banty size egg. Thoughts?
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    I think you would be much better off using a large white Ameraucana. You will know the genetics and you wont be wasting time $ money hoping that your cross pays off after several years of selective breeding.

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