What happened? RIP madeline


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Feb 14, 2009
Yesterday at noon, she was fine--running around, eating grass, laying a beautiful blue-green egg...

A couple hours later, a little droopy and not hanging out with her hen-friends. By dinner time, she didn't come running when I went outside. WHAT?

We separated her, brought her inside, warmed her up. Her crop felt normal. No mites. Vent looked fine. She wasn't interested in eating.

Went to sleep. This morning tried to get her to eat boiled egg yolk, or greens. No luck. No drinking either.

I returned home in early afternoon. She finally had pooped. Very clear watery with some white urea. She was interested in drinking lots of water and looking a little perkier at times. No eating. Remained in the warm, dry, quiet.

A couple hours later, I returned home again. Her crop was a bit distended and squishy. Came on the forum and found the description of sour crop. Tried to get her to eat some yogurt or drink some acv/electrolyte water, but no luck. Massaged her crop, which she liked. She burped up some stinky air. I left her to rest.

After dinner I tried the special water again. She took one drink. Looked a little less droopy. Enjoyed the crop massage--(I couldn't feel anything in there but squishy airy balloon feeling.) I held her on my lap watching tv. Once she suddenly stood up and looked really alert. After a bit, I took her back down to her room. Tried the water again, no luck. Was sitting there thinking about putting her back in her nest box to sleep and her breathing got more labored.

She opened her beak wide and stood up and looked at me. Then a little liquid came out of her beak. Then she vomited some brownish stinky stuff and shuddered a couple times and was gone.

She was just a year old and unfortunately for us, was our favorite chicken. So super friendly to everyone. Came running for pets and jumped up on you whenever you sat down. Never pecking at her sisters, but always the first to try something new. And brilliant..if she wanted to eat a bite of a leaf, she would stand on it so it was easy to rip off a small piece. We laughed because she didn't start laying eggs until months after our other girls, but when she did she layed full size eggs daily from the start--we said she didn't need to practice like the others, with their tiny sporadic pullet eggs.

Sorry for the long post, but I just needed to tell someone. Heartsick.
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Jan 1, 2008
awe I am so sorry

She may have aspirated on her vomit. Poor thing.
I am so sorry for your loss. It seems that the favorite ones die young. At least you were with her to comfort her at the end.


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Dec 19, 2007
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I'm sorry b'hampeeps, I lost one yesterday to who was hanging out by herself late afternoon. I went out and picked her up, her abdomen and her crop were water balloony feeling. Within the hour she was breathing very labored and was gone by night. It is very disheartening when you lose one so quickly and you don't know the actual reason. Again I'm sorry.

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