What Happened To My Brother At An Expensive Restaurant.

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    Jun 26, 2008
    My baby brother invited my family and some of his friends out to eat Christmas dinner, his treat. We went to an expensive restaurant here in town. All the diners were dressed up and the service was very good. My brother told me how he knew some of the doctors, lawyers and business men present at the other tables. Yeah, he was showing off a bit but my brother is a good guy.

    When we were about to leave, my brother decided to carry his friend's extremly squirmy four year old boy out on his shoulder. The boy whacked his head on the ceiling fan. My brother brought the poor kid down and was cuddling him. The boy wanted down and started to slid down on his own causing my brother to reposition his hold so the boy wouldn't hit the ground. But out of the blue the boy shouted, "HEY! Get your hand off my butt."

    My poor brother looked around at the shocked faces and said, "Honest, I was just putting him down. I didn't mean to touch his butt." My brother was so embarrased.

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    What is sad is that there are people who would think he is perverted or a child molester.

    30 years ago, it wouldn't have been any big deal, now the entire planet is hypersensitive.
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    Jun 26, 2008
    Quote:I know. Hopefully, no one thought that. It was purely accidental. He didn't want the child to fall down and sometimes holding a squirming little boy can be difficult. My brother has no children of his own and probably just assumed that the little boy would stay in place.
  4. I heard someone talking about how far we had progressed in the past 25 years, and I was thinking, Just this morning on the news, I heard where a son had killed his mother, i don't know how many B&E. a number of drive by shootings, almost 10% of the country out of work, school teachers molesting their students. As for me i would love to go back 25 years to the times we had them. I'm sure there were problems. but I think most people tried to take care of things themselves.I really don't remember children talking to their parents like they do now, or parents allowing it. One of My DGD is mad at me now for blocking her dau off both My Space and Facebook pages, told her when she cleans up her mouth I MIGHt let her back on.Am I right or wrong? someone please give me your opinion.I don't mean to hi jack your thread, but that is a very good example of the differences I;m talking about.He was completely innocent, but how many of the diners will only remember the childs remark. marrie
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    And my first thought was "Gee I hope the ceiling fan wasn't on!!" Your poor brother!
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    Sundance very simply pt...you are RIGHT to not let the litle potty mouth on if you don't want to be around that language. I wouldn't worry about it. It's not like you disowned her, you just disowned the behavior and nothing wrong with that.

    As for the OP, I hope people have more sense than hold that against your brother. If he were intentionally going to do something like that(and I'm sure he wouldn't) it wouldn't be in a public place, which should tell folks that it was an accident. If not, then I wouldn't care what those people think in the first place because obviously they have perverted minds themselves to jump to that conclusion automatically. Kids will say ANYTHING and ALWAYS at the worst possible time!!!
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    Jun 26, 2008
    Quote:Let's see, twenty five years ago, I was 18. My math might be a bit off. I am 43. I had a lot of friends who smoked pot and had sex. Many of my friends were very disrespectful to their parents. There were an entire set of friends who were respectful but slipped out of the house. [​IMG]

    Yes, my brother was innocent(and I meant the thread to be funny)

    You did right in taking away your child's facebook. That shows that you are a good and caring parent. One day, your child will thank you for doing right by her.
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    Quote:Thats for sure! [​IMG]
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    Jun 26, 2008
    Quote:My only fear is that someone might think that they need to call the cops to my brother. I hope not. Hopefully most people were aware that the little boy was only being a little boy. At least, I hope so.
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    O how I remember. If ya got in trouble or were disrespectful it was a willow switch and a trip behind the wood shed where there were no witnesses. [​IMG] Trust me I tried very hard to be good. I have no idea what a willow switch would feel like but don't think it would be good.

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